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FINAL RESTOCK! Bracelet: Earth Element

FINAL RESTOCK! Bracelet: Earth Element

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This listing is for ONE bracelet in the Water Element style!

Main Stones: Green Jade (6mm)

Element Bead: Gold Earth Sign (gold colored surgical steel, 8mm)

Accent Beads: Picture Jasper (4mm)

Accent Metal: Gold colored and Gold plated (3mm-4mm)

Measured Size: 195mm wrist circumference (please message me with your order number if you require a different size for any and all bracelets in your order).

Design Inspiration: For the Earth element design, I used green jade, natural picture jasper, and gold metal. The green jade is solid colored; I chose this stone because the Earth Kingdom is based heavily on Chinese culture, and jade is a heavily prized stone. The picture jasper was selected because it has a great many different shades of brown. To me, this felt like a perfect fit because we see so many different types of stone being bent in the series. Additionally, the first earth we see Avatar Aang bend with Toph is a heavily marbled type of earth, not unlike picture jasper itself. The gold beads were chosen because of their warm tones, and complimentary nature to the brown and green stones. The Earth Kingdom is a wealthy society and often uses gold to accent their daily clothing, especially so in the wealthy and royal families.

Care: This bracelet is suitable for every day wear! Please take care to remove it when bathing and prior to swimming. I recommend removing it if you anticipate being in a high contact situation so as to avoid knocking it against hard surfaces and potentially damaging the beads. This will ensure the stones, beads, metals, and elastic remain in good condition for many years to come!

Note: This bracelet has been made with semi precious stones and metals. Differences in stone sizes and colors are normal, and are a natural occurrence with hand carved materials. No two bracelets are exactly alike, but every effort has been made to create a consistent look throughout the batch!