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Mama Catz Crafts Shop Information and Policies (updated 10/13/2021)

Hello, and welcome to my shop information and policies page! Here you will find knowledge regarding what you can expect when placing an order from my website. I have done my best to simplify the information below, but if you need further clarification on any of the topics, please feel free to contact me right away!


❤ Types of Listings – I offer four types of listings here in my shop: Ready to Ship (RtS), Made to Order (MtO), Pre-Order (PO), and Build Your Own (BYO). Please read below for more information on the listing types.

❤ Ready to Ship Items – Items that are listed as “Ready to Ship” are completed and ready to go. They are still subjected to the processing time of up to 7 business days. This allows for final checks on the order, last minute touch ups if required, packaging, and dropping your order off at the post office. If you purchase a Ready to Ship item along with a Made to Order item, Pre-Order item, or Build Your Own item, your order will not be shipped until all items are completed. If you need your Ready to Ship item sooner, please order it separately from other item types.

❤ Made to Order Items – Made to order items require 2-6 weeks for completion. When you purchase an item that is Made to Order, it will be made exactly like the item in the listing photo. Minor changes may be requested, but are not guaranteed and are subject to material availability. Though quoted at 2-6 weeks from completion, many customers find their order arrives sooner than the 6 week estimate.

❤ Pre-Order Items – Pre-Order items require 4-8 weeks for completion. The Pre-Order window typically stays open for no longer than one (1) week. Please be aware that the Pre-Order window is NOT included in the estimated completion time frame. I have set the completion window at 4-8 weeks to allow adequate time for supplies to be delivered to me, and for me to complete the number of items ordered in the Pre-Order window. If you have an issue with waiting this long, please consider waiting until a retail sale where additional stock will be sold.

❤ Build Your Own Items – New for 2022! Build Your Own items are exactly as they sound. BYO listings will give you the option to select from a limited number of options for fur color, liner style, paw color, and hood size. Separate listings will be made for different animal types (BYO Fox Hood, BYO Kitten Hood, BYO Hyena Hood, etc). Build Your Own items require 4-8 weeks for completion. All supplies will be on hand for this listing, so production will begin within a few days of having ordered the item. The completion window has been set at 4-8 weeks to allow myself time to complete your order alongside other orders and pre-planned releases.



❤ Processing TimeProcessing time is the length of time it takes for me to package and ship your order. Processing begins the following business day after your order comes through. (If your order is placed on a Friday, your processing begins on Monday!) Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to be prepped and packed for shipment. Processing time is NOT included in the delivery time!


❤ Shipping Options – My two most popular shipping options are USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Also included at checkout are the options for Parcel Select Ground and Priority Mail Express.

❤ First Class Mail – This is your lower cost option. Your package will take between 5-7 business days to arrive in most cases, though holiday shipping seasons and COVID-19 delays will impact the shipping speed. This option does not automatically include any insurance provided by USPS. Best recommended for items that are cheaper and easier to reproduce (like bracelets, masks, and small 3D printed trinkets). First Class is NOT recommended for one-of-a-kind and/or limited edition items.

❤ Priority Mail – This is your higher cost option. Your package will take between 1-3 business days to arrive in most cases, though holiday shipping seasons and COVID-19 delays will impact the shipping speed. This option automatically includes $50 worth of insurance provided by USPS. Best recommended for more expensive purchases, and for one-of-a-kind and/or limited edition items.

❤ Parcel Select Ground  – This is your lowest price option for heavy packages. Your package will take between 2-7 business days to arrive in most cases, though holiday shipping seasons and COVID-19 delays will impact the shipping speed. This option does not automatically include any insurance provided by USPS. Best recommended for items that are cheaper and easier to reproduce (like bracelets, masks, and small 3D printed trinkets) or for bulk orders of heavier items (fur scrap packs, fabric destashes, crafting supply listings). Parcel Select Ground is NOT recommended for one-of-a-kind and/or limited edition items. Please avoid using this service with temperature sensitive items, during periods of time when temperatures are at their extremes (both hot and cold).

❤ Priority Mail Express – This is your fastest, and most expensive shipping option. Your package is guaranteed to arrive the next day or second day, depending on your location and barring any postal system delays. Guaranteed delivery may not be available in all areas, so please think carefully before selecting this option. In selecting Priority Mail Express, you understand that the delivery date guarantee begins AFTER the processing period is over. I will do my best to get your item shipped faster than the 7 business day processing time to ensure you get your item ASAP.


❤ Other Shipping Services –FedEx, DHL, and UPS have been discontinued as available shipping options, and are only available upon request PRIOR to making a purchase. They have been discontinued due to infrequent use, and lack of accessibility at my studio location. If you need your item shipped via one of these services, please contact me before you purchase your item (if possible. I understand if you cannot reach out before purchasing a limited edition release item). You will be invoiced for additional postage, and it will be due before your item can be shipped.


❤ Estimated Delivery TimeDue to COVID-19 and the ripple effect it has had on shipping carriers, you may find that your order arrives a little slower than usual. For US orders, shipments typically arrive in one week, depending on the shipping service selected. If you need your item faster, please consider choosing Priority Mail over First Class. Items shipped to the rest of the world, including Canada, the UK and EU, Australia, and APO Military addresses, have been experiencing significant shipping delays upwards of 6-12 weeks. As always, once an item is dropped off at the post office, I have no control over the delivery speed, scan locations, accidental damage, etc. I can give estimates on delivery dates, but nothing more!



❤ Lost, Stolen, Misdelivered, or Damaged Packages 

❤ Lost Packages If an item becomes lost in transit, you will need to file a claim with your local postal office. I will provide as much information as I can to you, and help you in the claim filing process. Sometimes a shipment will sit in a facility for an extended period of time with no movement, for no reason at all. If this happens, please allow some time for the system to update and show movement again (this sometimes takes a week, if not two). Often times “lost” packages are not truly lost: they’re just taking a mini vacation at a USPS facility before they make their way to you. 

❤ Stolen Packages If your item is marked as delivered but is nowhere to be found, please head to your local Post Office to inquire about the delivery. Sometimes a package is marked as delivered but has been dropped off at the wrong address. Other times it may have been scanned as delivered, but will not show up for another day or so. And sometimes, it really and truly has been stolen from your porch or mailbox. When this happens, you will need to file a claim as soon as possible. Filing a police report can also help. If you have a security camera or video doorbell, that footage will also be extremely useful in your claims case.

❤ Misdelievered Packages Misdelivered packages are those that have accidentally been delivered by your mail carrier to the wrong address. If you are friendly with your neighbors, I advise you to ask around and see if someone has received your package by mistake. If you opted to have your order shipped to your PO box, you will need to nicely ask your postal workers to please check for your package from the back. Chances are, the item was delivered to the address/box with a number similar to yours.

❤ Damaged Packages If you have received a damaged package, you will need to take photos immediately of the package BEFORE opening it. Documenting the damage is crucial, and will help you when filing a claim if the item itself is damaged. If the packaging is damaged but the item is fine, no further action needs to be taken. If both the packaging and the item are damaged, a claim must be filed. Please send me an email with photos and a detailed description of the state your package arrived in and how badly damaged your item is. I will work with you to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


❤ Returned Packages If your package has been returned to me, it is typically because the address was entered incorrectly by the buyer at checkout. Typical mistakes include putting down the wrong house number, forgetting an apartment or unit number, misspelling the street name, or using the wrong zip code. 90% of the time, Shopify will catch small errors in shipping addresses, and flag the address as “potentially incorrect, please contact customer”. When this happens, I will ALWAYS reach out to you via email to confirm that the address you entered, is indeed the address where you want your item shipped to. This may result in your shipment being delayed a few extra days while I wait to hear from you, but I would rather do that than to ship your item and have it returned because the address was wrong. When packages are returned, it can take between 4-8 weeks before the item is back in my hands again. If this happens to you, please be advised that you, the customer, will be responsible for any and all postage fees to reship the item again. I will no longer cover the cost of shipping items out a second time!




❤ Package Insurance – If you would like to insure your package, please follow the link available in the item listings to the listing dedicated to package insurance. You will be able to select from a range of coverage amounts for your order’s total value. Insurance is recommended but not required. If purchasing an expensive, one of a kind, or limited edition item, adding insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that your package is covered should anything happen in transit.


❤ Customs & Import Taxes – You, the customer, are responsible for any and all customs fees and import taxes owed for your package. Please make sure you message me with any questions about fees or taxes if you are unsure! I cannot mark items as gifts, or lower their value to help avoid fees (that constitutes mail fraud). If you have won a giveaway though, and the item is legitimately free, I can mark its value as $0. However! Doing so means that should anything happen to your item in transit, the declared value is $0 and you will be unable to claim damages on it. 




❤ Payment Options – I accept a wide range of payment options, including on site payments through Visa, Discover, and Mastercard, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Shopify Installments, and Sezzle Installments. Choose which is most convenient for you, and pay with confidence knowing that this is a secure site and your card information cannot be seen by anyone but the payment processing system.

❤ Shopify & Sezzle Installments – Both Shopify and Sezzle Installment plans are broken up  into four (4) equal payments of your final total (including applicable tax and shipping). Example: if your final total amounts to $100, your up front payment at time of checkout would be $25, with $25 being due at two (2) weeks, four (4) weeks, and six (6) weeks after purchase. Your item will ship after your order comes through. You will not have to wait until your final payment clears before your order ships!

❤ Shopify & Sezzle Fees – There are no fees or interest charges for you, the customer, when using either installment option. I, the seller, absorb all payment processing fees so you don’t have to!

❤ Shopify & Sezzle Minimums – Both installment plan options require a minimum purchase of $50 to qualify. All other orders must be paid in full at time of checkout.


 ❤ Overtime Policy – I have included a new “Fast Track Fee” for any customer who would like their order made faster than my regular turnaround time. Please contact me prior to purchasing to see if the Fast Track option can be applied to your order. My fee is $50, and is due at the time of purchasing your item. Please note that this fee is PER ITEM. If ordering multiple items, you must purchase multiple “Fast Track Fees” for them all to be completed and shipped at the same time. I have made this option available because sometimes customers need their items last minute. Since I do not jump around in my work queue, I will actually be working overtime hours to complete your requested order. In queue items are worked on during the day in the order they are received, and overtime hours projects are worked on in the evening.


 ❤ Coupon Policy – From time to time, I will issue coupons to customers! These may be single use or multi use. The number of uses, and the amount the coupon is good for, will always be disclosed prior to distribution. Coupon codes MUST be entered at checkout when making your purchase, otherwise your discount will not be applied! I will not retroactively apply coupons to orders that have already been placed.




❤ Returns & Exchanges – All items sold in my store are final sale. No exceptions. I do not accept returns* or exchanges*, and chargeback attempts will be referred back to this page. A majority of the items sold in my shop are intended to be worn by the buyer. For health and hygiene reasons, I cannot and will not accept returns.

*Returns: An item may only be returned if I have accidentally sent the wrong item instead of the one you originally purchased.

*Exchanges: An item may be exchanged if I have made an error in your custom order, and something needs to be fixed. Any and all exchange requests MUST be approved prior to them being sent back. Items intended for exchange MUST be shipped back with insurance and within 10 days of delivery. Items outside this 10 day window will be not allowed for return.


❤ Privacy Policy – I will never sell or distribute any of the information provided by customers at the time of checkout or submitted via the contact form (seriously, that’s just scummy). Any and all information exchanged between myself and my customers is confidential.