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White Lotus, Style 1
White Lotus, Style 1

White Lotus, Style 1

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NOTICE: This is a made to order item! It is made to order upon purchase. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping. Your wait will likely be less than this time frame, but this allows for any delays that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Item Details: This listing is for one 3D Printed "White Lotus, Style 1" tile. Small and lightweight, these tiles fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The price on these particular tiles is higher than those that are printed in their base colors! This is because the White Lotus tiles take additional time and materials to paint and seal.

Size: Approximately 51mm (2 inches) in diameter and 4mm (3/16 of an inch) tall

Color: Unpainted pieces are printed in solid white. Painted pieces are printed in a base color, with details painted on. For this tile, the base color for a painted piece is wood brown. Paint is pin grade liquid enamels!

Keychain Option: If you would like to turn your tile into a keychain, CLICK HERE!

Additional Information: Painted tiles will be colored with liquid enamel and coated with a satin urethane varnish to protect the finish. If purchasing this item as a blank (white) print, you may paint it yourself if you so desire. I recommend using either acrylic paints or liquid enamel paints from your local hobby shop. For liquid enamels, I like to use either a fine syringe (25g or smaller) or a ball point tool to gently flood the areas I wish to paint. A paint brush can be used as well, but please keep acetone or mineral spirits on hand to properly clean your brush. Be advised, liquid enamel paints give off a very strong odor and you MUST have adequate ventilation and preferably a respirator to filter out the fumes. Alternatively, you can paint these tiles with acrylic paints and a fine paint brush, though it may be a bit trickier to apply the paint for full coverage. Finish acrylic painted pieces with either a resin coating or with a clear coat like Krylon or Rustoleum.


Casting moulds and/or copies of this item is not allowed. In purchasing this item, you agree to not reproduce it. Anyone found doing so will be issued a cease and desist. I work hard to create my own moulds and castings. Please respect me and my work! <3