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Ready to Ship: Pyramid Diffusers, FULL SET
Ready to Ship: Pyramid Diffusers, FULL SET

Ready to Ship: Pyramid Diffusers, FULL SET

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Diffusers are ready to ship and will be sent out within 1-3 business days of ordering!


This listing is for one (1) set of twelve (12) Pyramid Diffusers. Each set includes enough diffusers to outfit a full set (10 pyramids) plus two extras in case you lose one, or find that one might not fit exactly perfect.


These diffusers were created with NinjaFlex, a flexible TPU Filament. They are rubberized and have special grips on the inside to help them grab on to your bulbs, as well as release from the bulbs without snapping your chip's soldering.

As this is a handmade item, there may be variations between printed parts. These variations will not affect your diffusers, their longevity, or your performance. I have tested every diffuser prior to packaging to ensure it goes on to and comes off of bulbs with ease.


DISCLAIMER: These are a handmade item!!! They are made one by one in my home studio using a LulzBot V1 Mini with an Aerostruder Tool Head and NinjaFlex filament. Every precaution has been taken to ensure these diffusers fit snuggly on a 5mm bulb. Please use gentle pressure to insert your lights into the holes in the bases of the diffusers, and this same gentle pressure to remove them. If your diffusers do not slip on easily, please do not use excessive force to shove them on! Contact me immediately for a replacement (a video may be  required as proof of ill fitting nature). I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR BROKEN CHIPS. I will not replace broken chips under any circumstances! By purchasing this listing, you agree to not hold Mama Catz Crafts responsible for any and all broken chips that may occur due to improper usage of your diffusers, including but not limited to forcing diffusers on to or off of bulbs, agressively twisting diffusers on to or off of bulbs, or accidentally hitting anyone/anything with your diffusers causing the bulbs to snap upon impact.