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Ready to Ship! Bead Board (Spooky Board)
Ready to Ship! Bead Board (Spooky Board)
Ready to Ship! Bead Board (Spooky Board)

Ready to Ship! Bead Board (Spooky Board)

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This listing is for one Ready to Ship physical copy of my original Bead Board! It is sized at approximately 240mm x 280mm and is large enough to pattern out most mask sizes. Bead slots are sized to fit regular, glitter, and glow finish pony beads (matte finish beads are slightly larger and may not fit properly). 


Colors: "Burnt Orange" base with layers of "Olive Green" and "Dark Purple", finished with a "Night Black" top/outline. 

This is the first board I have attempted like this! Due to the number of colors and additional time taken to tune the print, it has been priced higher than my single and double color boards. Multi-color boards like this will not be offered very often, due to the time they require to print.

Disclaimer: Some 3D printed items may have minor cosmetic defects such as stringing, minor variations in slot sizing, small discoloration marks (from scorched filament), etc. Any and all imperfections will be disclosed prior to the shipment of your board. In the event that your order prints with major defects, your board will be reprinted at no additional cost, and you will be notified of this delay in fulfillment. Boards with major cosmetic defects are still usable, and will be listed at a discount at a later date.