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Minty Moth Lop (Half Hoods)

Minty Moth Lop (Half Hoods)

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Minty Moth Lops are ready to hop on home to you!

These two half hoods (one small and one large) have been made using the last of my stash of both this fur color and liner print. There will never be any other full hoods made in this fur/liner pairing! There ere two full hoods released prior to these half hoods (both full hoods have been sold).

Fur: Minty Green luxury shag. Buttery soft and incredible quality! (FurSuit Supplies brand)

Liner: Moth and foliage/floral designs on a black background. Super soft cotton (JoAnn brand)

Ears: Bunny (not trimmed)

Paws: Silver hardware (D-rings, Chain, and Chain Clasps)

Sizes: x1 Small, x1 Large


Note: All half hoods have steel weight "packets" sewn into the hanging front pieces of the hood. This creates a weight similar to that of a full length hood. You may feel these small "packets" when touching your hood. Weights are made from steel and are encased in  nylon. These weights are lead free and safe to wear <3